Meet Waiting Families

Choosing a family is one of the most significant decisions to be made in the adoption process. First, know that we have done the hard work of checking the family out for you. Our requirements are very strict, so you can be sure that all our families have gone through an in-depth process and have been approved to adopt.

Profiles listed below will include lots of pictures of the family and their home as well as information about why they want to adopt, what their values and lifestyle are like, their jobs, extended family, and more. Whether you have concrete ideas of what kind of family you are looking for, or are open to multiple types of families, the right family exists. We have seen amazing partnerships happen as a mother plans her child’s future and a family commits to carry it out.

We have a variety of families available from SC and other states. You know what kind of family you dream of and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect one for your child. Get in touch with us, and you can get started creating your plan for your child today. You can call us at 843-790-1546.