The Process


If you are considering placing your child for adoption, we can offer you the steps and information to help you along the way.


Find the adoption agency you’d like to work with for putting your baby for adoption. It’s helpful to find a local one as they understand the adoption laws in your state, but more importantly, they have caring staff to assist you and provide Hope and Encouragement as you navigate the decisions you will be making.

Our agency staff will be there all along your journey and can be as involved as you choose. We are there to help you, before and after, you deliver your child.



Your chosen local adoption agency will help you make an “Adoption Plan” and that will include what you’d like to have happen in the hospital at delivery. Do you want the adoptive couple there? Do you want them to come after you deliver the baby? How much interaction would you like with the baby while you’re in the hospital and after delivery? Would you like your chosen family to attend prenatal doctor visits with you? These are all things that you get to decide. This is your adoption plan.

Also, you can choose what level of contact you’d like after the baby is born and placed with the family you have chosen. Would you like a completely Open adoption-with occasional contact? Would you prefer a “semi-open” adoption with pictures through text and email, and a possible annual visit? Do you think you’d rather just have pictures? This is your choice. You can even change your mind as time goes on and your feelings and needs change.

Many young women find that they are so at peace with the family they’ve chosen, that they don’t need near as much interaction (after the baby is placed) as they thought. So, you can even “play it by ear” and see how you feel. There are no set rules! Your feelings and wishes will be respected.


Choose an adoptive family! You will be given the opportunity to choose from multiple families. You can even talk to (or interview) some if you are having trouble choosing between several. Oftentimes, young ladies find that they feel a strong connection to a particular family, and those feelings only strengthen as they get to know one another.



You can meet and begin to form a relationship with your chosen family. You can have as much (or as little) contact with them before (and after) you deliver, as you are both comfortable with. This is certainly something you can discuss with the family. While they will be busy getting to know (and caring for) this new little one, they will want to make sure you get those updates.


The Delivery. Our promise to you is that you will be treated with the utmost compassion, respect and dignity. We work diligently with hospital staff to make sure they understand the sensitive nature of this process. Your chosen adoptive family also understands that the utmost empathy and love is required and expected at this time. Our staff will see to it that your adoption plan is followed to the letter. Your wishes and needs are our top priority.



​Moving forward, our staff will be available to you as often as you need. We can offer counseling and support as you begin to heal physically and emotionally from this process.

Your child’s adoptive family will also be empathetic to your needs moving forward. While it is very important for the adoptive family to bond with the baby, it’s also important that they send texts and updates in those early days, weeks, and months as you heal and begin to move forward with the goals and plans you have made throughout your pregnancy.

It is our goal (and our prayer) that you can look back and know that this adoption process has been a positive and uplifting one even though it is not easy and that you have found great comfort (and loving support) from our staff and the family you have chosen to be the parents of your child.

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