Adoptive Parent Services

Adoptive Parent Services

The Adoption Process

Beginning the adoption process can be a daunting task. We have outlined the steps in adopting with us to make it easier:

  1. Get an approved home study completed by a licensed child placing agency. If you reside in South Carolina, we can complete this for you. If you are in another state, we can provide you with referrals to agencies near you.
  2. Complete and return our application along with the application fee. When we have received your application, we will notify you and let you know if there are additional documents needed.
  3. Create an adoption profile book. There are many resources online for making these. These are the books we will use to present you to expectant parents looking to choose an adoptive family for their baby. We will ask you to send us some copies of your profile book so that we have them available when needed.
  4. Once we have approved your application, you will be added to our list of waiting couples! We will contact you when we have birth mothers who are a good match for you and ask if you would like to have your profile presented to them.
  5. Once matched with an expectant mother, we will work with you and the expectant parents through all of the steps of the adoption from match to finalization.

Some children are adopted directly from their birth parents using the services of either an adoption attorney or an adoption agency to ensure that all legal requirements are met. With this type of adoption, the birth mother can choose the adoptive parents and can decide on how much contact she will have with the adopted child and his or her new family. Adoptive parents will be told whether the birth mother wants an Open, Semi-Open or Closed adoption before accepting a match. Private adoptions include Identified Adoptions, in which adoptive parents find a birth mother through their own search.

Some children and adopted by their stepmothers or stepfathers. Other children are adopted by their aunts, uncles or grandparents when one or both of their birth parents cannot take care of them. These adoptions also have legal requirements that must be met.

When a child was previously adopted out of the foster care or international adoption system and the adoption has not worked out, these adoptions are called Secondary Placements. We at Adoption Options offer secondary placement services, to help place the child in a new home.

Gave Us Hope

My husband and I had been struggling with infertility for over 10 years when we crossed paths with Emily Barrett. After suffering so many rejections throughout the adoption process, she was the first person who truly gave us the hope that we could, and would, become parents. Her confidence is contagious and in no time, she found us a match and we brought our son home.

Emily is efficient, quick to respond to questions (no matter how many you send), and true to her word. But more than that, she is incredibly supportive during a process which can be scary and stressful. Emily Barrett believes in bringing families together, regardless of financial restrictions or social status. She helped us when we thought no one else could, and she is instrumental in the completion of our family.

– Abby & Brian C.

Went Above and Beyond

My husband and I cannot say enough about the great work Emily did for us during the adoption of our son. From our first meeting until the last document was filed, Emily made sure our questions were answered and she went above and beyond to provide helpful hints and practical advice to make our journey of adoption the best it could be. We were matched with a birth mother faster than expected and Emily did a remarkable job of making sure the process went smoothly for not only us, but our birth mother. She gives excellent attention and always answered our questions in a timely manner. Adoption can be quite the exciting, yet intimidating adventure, but with an attorney like Emily, the adventure is made so much easier.

– Julie & Bryan H.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Adoption Options provide adoptive families?

Adoption Options provides personalized, comprehensive support for families hoping to adopt a baby. We will guide you and give you everything you need along every step of your adoption journey. Designed to ensure you have the best possible chances for a successful adoption.

How long does the adoption process usually take?
Because we work with a limited number of families at a time, we’re able to offer quicker placement times and more adoptions than other adoption agencies and service providers. Our connection times range from 2–24 months. If you are open about the baby’s race and gender, expenses, and birth location, your adoption process could move quicker
What are the different types of adoption?
Every adoption is unique and must be designed to meet the specific needs and desires of the birth mother and the adoptive parents. As long as the best interests of the child is the most important goal of the adoption process, the birth mother and adoptive parents can construct a plan that is completely open with visitation after placement or semi-open with more limited contact, such as communication by mail and telephone.

Closed Adoptions

A birth mother will ask us to make arrangements to place her child, without ever knowing about the adoptive family. There is no contact between adoptive parents and birth mother, both before and after placement. Closed adoptions are becoming increasingly rare.


A birth mother will select the family and will determine how much contact she wants before placement. This will often consists of emails, phone calls and visits with each other. After placement, contact will continue through letters and pictures, which may be direct or through the agency or attorney’s office.


An open adoption is the same as a semi-open except there is more direct contact and more information, such as last names, are shared. An open adoption most always involves some form of visitation, whether once a year or more often.

Interstate Adoptions

If the birth mother and adoptive parents do not live in the same state, the adoption must meet all of the requirements of the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC). ICPC requirements must be met before the adoptive parents can return to their home state with the child, which is why it is important to use an experienced adoption attorney to make sure ICPC is properly followed.

Secondary Placements

When a child was previously adopted out of the foster care or international adoption system and the adoption has not worked out, we look to place the child in a new home. Not all firms offer these services but we at Lowndes and Barrett do specialize in secondary placement services.

What is Home Study?
The first step of the adoption process is the home study, which is required by every state for all non-relative placements of a child. The home study is relied upon by adoption agencies, attorneys, courts, and state and foreign governments. A home study includes biographical information about and interviews with all household members as well as documentation of income, employment, birth, health, marital status and personal references. A criminal background investigation is also a part of the study. The home study report must be done by a licensed professional who recommends the adoptive parents as suitable parents for a child. Once the adoptive parents have this report, they are qualified for the placement of a child. Once a child has been placed in a new home, the post-placement period begins. The post-placement period is a time of adjustment for the newly created family before the adoption becomes final. The post-placement stage includes visit(s) over a period of several months, as well as status reports about the child’s health and development and the adoptive family’s adjustment.

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