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Meet Our Team


Executive Director │ Upstate Office Manager

Carri began working in adoption in 1994 after the adoption of their son. Carri and her husband Mike, already had two children by birth and they would again go on to adopt a little girl in 1995. These two adoptions started a passion in Carri’s heart for Openness in adoption and Transracial adoption.

As the daughter of a Naval Officer, Carri spent her childhood traveling the United States, but came back to South Carolina where her parents are from. She and her husband reside in Greenville with their youngest daughter.

Carri got her degree in Psychology and Christian counseling from Barclay College in Kansas. They are active members of Greenville First Nazarene Church. When she’s not traveling to visit grandkids, Carri can be found at the beach or rescuing dogs and cats.


Director of Operations │ Lowcountry Office Manager

Emily began handling adoptions in 2009 as an adoption attorney, and is a member of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA). Emily found her work to be rewarding, but at the same time frustrating as her ability to help the expectant mothers was limited in what she could do as an attorney. After feeling that God was calling her to focus her work on serving these young women, Emily joined Adoption Options, Inc., in 2019 knowing Carri has the same heart to serve, and is excited to see this ministry grow.

Emily is a graduate of the College of Charleston, with degrees in U.S. History and Studio Art, and Cumberland School of Law. In the community, she is an active member of St. Michael’s Church, volunteers with 40 Days for Life, and previously served on the board of the Charleston Miracle League. Emily enjoys photography, cooking and spending time on the water when she can. She resides in Charleston with her husband and son, who is adopted.

Carri’s Story

My family chose to adopt after enduring the tragedy of losing our 2-month-old son John (our 3 rd child) to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome on Near Years Eve Day of 1992. After a long and intense period of grief, we knew that adoption was the answer to complete our family. Our biggest dilemma in adopting was in knowing that a young lady would endure the same heartbreak and loss that we went through. That thought was almost more than we could bear!

Soon after starting the adoption process we were matched with a precious young lady that we instantly fell in love with. She had made an adoption plan for her son. At first, she was not sure she could follow through with her plan, but after viewing our profile, she knew we were the right family for her son. She felt at peace with her decision. My husband and I, along with our 9-year-old son Chad, and 6-year- old daughter Tiffany, were so conflicted. We were overjoyed that she had chosen us and yet heartbroken that we would benefit from another person’s sadness.

We knew instantly that she would be a part of our lives forever. We could not allow this young lady to be apart from us or her sweet boy. She quickly became a valued and cherished member of our extended family. It has been so healthy and wonderful for our son, Alex. He has never had to worry if he was unwanted or unloved. He has been told from birth how hard this decision was for her to make, but that
she made it for him.

Some time later, we were blessed with another child by adoption. This time, a girl we named Natalie. She too, has the most incredible birthmother. We are so thankful and blessed that Natalie’s “first” mother made an adoption plan and chose us to be her child’s family. We have loved this heroic young woman since day one and we thank God that we are in close contact with her. We could never adequately thank her for this gift she has given us. Neither Alex or Natalie ever went through any adoption related angst or anxiety. They’ve never questioned how very much they were loved by their “first” mothers. They know firsthand that adoption was chosen out of an intense love for them. The TRUTH has set them Free!

We strongly advocate for the young women who make this decision. Emily and I, here at Adoption Options, Inc. are adamant that we bring in only the most compassionate and caring adoptive families. Those who will understand the sacrifice that is made so that they can be blessed with a child. In fact, I would say that these women, and the children they carry, are our first priority in this entire process.