South Carolina Adoption

The Benefits of Working with a Local Adoption Agency

Working with a local adoption agency offers an expectant mother caring staff that you will meet “face to face,” and you will see these same few staff members throughout your pregnancy and well beyond that if it would be your choice. Many of the young women we’ve worked with over the years have chosen to stay in contact, and several even work with us now.

We have been working with young women in crisis since 1994 in South Carolina, and we have information about local resources and our State’s adoption requirements. Our adoption agency, which is a licensed Child Placing agency and nonprofit organization, can give you the “hands-on” and personal care that you need as you navigate this challenging time in your life. We are reviewed annually by the State Licensing Board and must adhere to the strictest regulations.

You will need-not only-information but you will need a trusted adoption worker who will encourage you to make your own decisions and develop an adoption plan that works best for you and your child.

We can help you along the way with so many things. Some of these may include:


  • Families that live nearby and are able to continue on with openness throughout the life of the child, if that is your desire
  • Transportation
  • Medical Care
  • Housing
  • Counseling and emotional support
  • Legal counsel if requested
  • Financial assistance with housing, food, transport, and maternity clothes among other needed items
  • Confidentiality
  • We thoroughly scrutinize our families to make sure that we accept only the very best candidates and those adoptive families who will be compassionate and loving to you and share your desires for ongoing contact. Each of our families is extensively interviewed to make sure that they are truly committed to an ongoing open adoption. If we get the sense that they are not open, we will not work with them


**Adoption Options, Inc. prides itself on our commitment, first and foremost, to the young women who make a very difficult decision for the good of their child. We consider it a blessing and a privilege to walk alongside you as you journey through this process. Our Hope is that you can look back and know that you are at Peace with your decision and the choices surrounding that decision.

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